Women in STEM and their stories: Kimberly Moore - video


Descriptive transcript

[Background, blue with white line followed by 2 circles appearing, one red on left, one white on the right]

[Animated text appears in first red circle, "turning challenges", then in the second white circle, each letters fading in to say "into opportunities…" while background is pulsating blue. Fade out.]

[Kimberly Moore sits in front of a white background, speaking to the camera.]

Kimberly Moore: At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a worldwide demand for protective equipment.

[Text on screen: Kimberly Moore, Technical Officer, Radiochemist]

Kimberly Moore: Suppliers were trying to meet this demand, and Canada needed to be assured that the protective equipment they were buying was effective for their front-line workers and their citizens. The NRC responded by producing a team that could test the masks, produce a standard and ensure that the masks were meeting that standard.

So when we test the masks, we're testing for resistance to make sure that you can breathe through the mask and penetration. So we use a salt solution to mimic the vapor from your mouth to ensure that 95% of the salt solution is stopped.

I'm a radial chemical technologist who works at NRC with isotopes for cancer treatments and for safety and security purposes. I volunteered as part of a team to help to test masks for the efficacy.

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