Women in STEM and their stories: Catherine Proulx - video


Descriptive transcript

[Background, blue with white line followed by 2 circles appearing, one red on left, one white on the right]

[Animated text appears in first red circle, "turning challenges", then in the second white circle, each letters fading in to say "into opportunities…" while background is pulsating blue. Fade out.]

[Catherine Proulx in front of a white background, speaking to the camera.]

Catherine Proulx: Sometimes, it can be a bit hard to convince people that working in mental health is real science—real research. Since the start of the pandemic, I no longer need to convince anyone that mental health is a priority for Canadians.

[Text on screen: Catherine Proulx, Research Officer, Simulation and Digital Health]

Catherine Proulx:

I was already doing research on using video games in the field of mental health, but our big challenge was to bring this research out of the labs and see how we could very quickly deploy this knowledge.

My main project right now involves developing a mental health application for mobile devices. The goal is really to give people the tools to build good mental health habits and then to gather knowledge on the topic so they can take charge of their own individual health.

I was very fortunate in the sense that when schools closed in March, my husband, who is a consultant, was between 2 contracts and was able to take care of the whole family while I was reorienting and planning. If I hadn't had that help, it would not have been possible.

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