Terms and conditions of employment for the Research Associate Program


Research Associates will be offered appointments to the staff of the National Research Council on a term basis and will be offered salaries and benefits currently available to Research Officers. Salaries commensurate with experience are taxable and subject to other deductions. ’As a guide, the current annual Ph.D recruiting rate is typically at the AsRO level. Please see the RO salary scale for the current rates.

The salary is payable from the day the Associate reports to the laboratory until his/her last working day. The first salary cheque is usually available two to four weeks after arrival. Thereafter, further salary cheques are issued every two weeks. Certain obligatory deductions are made from the salary of all members of NRC's scientific staff. Such deductions from your salary will be made for income tax, hospital, medical and other forms of insurance (Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Disability Insurance) as well as for Union dues. Research Associates are also required to contribute to the Public Service Superannuation Plan, but these contributions are refunded following completion of the Associateship unless the individual undertakes further employment in the Canadian Public Service. Please note, however, that such refunds generally take several weeks. None of the other deductions or premiums are refundable.

Any employee who has two or more years of pensionable employment to their credit will be locked-in as of June 20, 1998. The options available to those employees at that time will be the Transfer Value Option, Deferred Annuity, or an Annual Allowance. The employee will not be entitled to a return of contributions as of June 20, 1998.

Length of term

The initial appointment will normally be for a two-year term, subject to the Associate's performance and subject to the requirements of NRC, appointments may be extended. The maximum period of employment as an Associate is five (5) years.

Reporting date

Research Associates are reminded that all requirements for their Ph.D. (or Master's) degree including submission and oral defence of their thesis must be completed before taking up this appointment, or within 6 months from the date of the appointment. A statement from the university confirming this must be provided.

The appointment may be taken up at any time within the calendar year in which the offer is made.

Associates taking up positions in Ottawa should report to the organizational unit's Administrative Officer. Associates taking up positions other than in Ottawa should report to their supervisors upon arrival.

Limited relocation assistance

If the initial term of the RA appointment is two years or more, Limited Relocation Assistance subject to a maximum of $5,000 will be offered in accordance with the Initial Appointees Integrated Relocation Program. Relocation assistance is provided only on initial appointment - there is no eligibility for relocation or travel assistance upon completion of the Associateship.


Hospital and medical coverage

This coverage is provided under the hospital and medical insurance plans of the province in which the Associate takes up residence. The eligibility requirements and waiting periods vary from province to province. In most cases, arrangements can be made for insurance coverage during the waiting period.

Research Associates and/or family who are not eligible for coverage under the provincial plans should ensure that they obtain private coverage to protect themselves against the high costs of hospital and medical expense.

It is the responsibility of the Research Associate to obtain medical insurance coverage.

Research Associates should refer to the district office of each province in which they are employed for further information on medical plans.

Marriage, birth, and divorce certificates

The Research Associate must provide a copy of his/her marriage certificate, his/her birth certificate as well as the birth certificate(s) of his/her spouse and children. He/she must also provide a copy of his/her divorce certificate if applicable. If the certificates are in a different language other than English or French, they must supply a translated version. If the Research Associate is unable to obtain a translated version, the documents may be sent to the Superannuation Directorate Division in Moncton for translation.


Living accommodation

NRC does not make arrangements for living accommodation; however, members of laboratory staff are usually very helpful in providing assistance and advice to arriving Associates.


Associates are entitled to vacation and sick leave on the same basis as regular members of the professional laboratory staff. Such leave accrues at the rate of 1 2/3 days per calendar month in which the Associate has received pay for at least 10 days and is equivalent to four weeks per year.