Postdoctoral Fellowship Program


This program offers promising scientists access to world-class facilities and the opportunity to work alongside multidisciplinary teams of expert researchers and technicians on projects of critical importance to Canada.

What is the program

Postdoctoral fellows will normally be offered a 2-year term appointment to the staff of the NRC and will receive a salary and benefits currently available to research officers. Salary is commensurate with the selected candidate's experience, is taxable and subject to other deductions. As a guide, the minimum salary for a new PhD graduate is $72,052. In addition postdoctoral fellows will be allocated a travel fund to support their work.

Who is eligible

  • Candidates should have obtained a PhD (or equivalent) within the past 3 years (PhD received on or after July 1, 2017) or expect to complete their PhD within 6 months of appointment
  • Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada

How to apply

To learn more about the following projects and submit an application, please visit the NRC's jobs page:

Requisition number Project title Position
9597 Quantum Frequency Translation Postdoctoral Fellow, Quantum theory translation
9622 Targeting lentils Lipid Transfer Protein (LTP) for reduction of food allergy risks Postdoctoral Fellow, Plant Molecular Biology
9651 Portable ion optical clock Postdoctoral Fellow, Portable 88Sr+ ion optical clock
9652 Advanced Combustion Strategy Development of Ammonia as an Emerging Carbon Free Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines Postdoctoral Fellow, Clean combustion
9653 Multi-physics topology optimization of cooling channels for complex 3D printed molds and dies Postdoctoral Fellow, Topology Optimization for thermal-fluid applications
9599 Device Integration of Atomic Quantum Dots Postdoctoral Fellow, Device Integration of Atomic Quantum Dots
9600 Integrated quantum photonic devices Postdoctoral Fellow, Fibre-integrated quantum photonic devices
9607 Additive manufacturing of multifunctional bio-inspired ceramics Postdoctoral Fellow, Ceramics Additive Manufacturing
9608 Engineering self-adjuvanted mRNA vaccine for infectious disease Postdoctoral Fellow, Targeted mRNA vaccine for infectious disease
9609 Targeting NLRP3 inflammasome by antibody therapeutics: putting out the fire of inflammation Postdoctoral Fellow, Antibody Therapeutics for Inflammatory Diseases
9610 Hooked on pHomics: Improving safety of the global pipeline of anticancer biotherapeutics by ADAPTation to acidic microenvironments Postdoctoral Fellow, Computational Antibody Engineering
9654 Reducing Canadian's exposure to second-hand cannabis smoke and its impact on indoor environments Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemical characterization of second-hand cannabis smoke
6563 Developing the Technologies to Find Life Signatures on Planets Orbiting Other Stars Postdoctoral Fellow, Life Signatures on Exoplanets

Application deadline

March 18, 2020 - 23:59 Eastern Time. Awards will be announced the end of April 2020. Successful fellows may commence their award at any time from May 2, 2020 to December 14, 2020.

Don't hesitate, apply today!