The NRC advantage

Great Minds

The National Research Council of Canada employs forward thinkers who work at the leading edge of research and technology to set a new standard for innovation. The collaborative work of our people, their inspirations and achievements are our greatest assets. That is why we embrace diversity. The variety of expertise and capabilities throughout NRC reflects our multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and attention to building an environment that fuels creativity.

One Goal

As an NRC employee, achieving results means shaping Canada's societal and economic future. Regardless of whether we are providing a client with technical services, delivering the results of a strategic research project, or supporting a client to adopt or adapt a new technology, we all share a collective commitment to provide leading-edge and responsive market focused solutions to clients and partners.

Canada's Success

We are an integral part of the Canadian innovation ecosystem. We remain relevant after 100 years of service because of our ability to solve Canada's most pressing innovation challenges and focus on achieving real economic and societal impacts for Canada.


In addition to the work itself, there are many advantages to working at NRC including:

Competitive benefits

Our employees enjoy a wide-range of benefits including:

  • Comprehensive health and dental plans
  • Equitable vacation, sick, and other leave entitlements
  • Exhaustive disability insurance and pension plans
  • Solid relocation and travel benefits

Work hard, play hard

We realize the importance of having a work/life balance, and have a variety of options to help such as:

  • Flexible schedules, telework and part-time work are all possibilities
  • 37.5 hours of paid leave per year for family-related responsibilities
  • 2 personal days per year for employees to use at their discretion
  • A one-time leave of 5 days for employees to use once during their career

Of course supervisory approval is required before taking advantage of any of the options. As an added bonus, NRC closes between noon on the 24th of December and the 1st of January. Employees are paid for this time but make up those hours throughout the year.

Lifelong learning

We recognize that workplace learning — the ability to create, extend and integrate knowledge is key to achieving our business goals. As such, we encourage all employees to participate in professional development activities from conferences to workshops to special projects, work assignments and online courses. Our in-house programs and services are designed to enhance the ability or "agility" to learn and adapt in a constantly changing environment.

Location, location, location

NRC is unique in that we have facilities in every province across Canada. Many are adjacent to, or co-located on, university campuses to facilitate collaboration opportunities, and create research hubs for sharing information. In addition, a large number of our locations offer on-site gyms, as well as, organized activities such as soft ball, curling, volleyball, hockey, skiing, or fitness classes. We also have a corporate membership with a chain of gyms across Canada.

Remarkable work environment

We believe in fostering workplace that is accommodating, respectful, welcoming and inclusive, which prioritizes the health and safety of employees.

  • NRC values diversity in our workforce. We encourage candidates and employees to self-identify as members of the following designated groups: women, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples and persons with disabilities. Our workplace embraces the wide variety of ages, genders, faiths, ethnicities, languages, abilities, and areas of specializations of our employees. We recognize that diversity opens the doors to new ways of thinking, leading to greater creativity and innovation.
  • NRC is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We encourage good health practices, strive to identify and eliminate hazards, while promoting a positive safety culture through a variety of initiatives to ensure employee well-being.

NRC at a Glance

  • NRC employs over 4,000 scientists, researchers, engineers, technologists and support staff, and about 500 independent and volunteer visitors.
  • Some 500 undergraduates from universities and colleges join NRC annually.
  • NRC has 300 industrial technology advisors in its Industrial Research Assistance Program.
  • NRC's virtual presence stretches even further - through partnerships, collaborations, national and international committees and networks where it participates on behalf of Canadian interests.

NRC is unique in its seamless integration of strategically focused research, national standards activities, scientific and technical information programs, and industrial research advice, assistance and innovation services.