Indigenous Student Employment Program

Be part of the next generation of Indigenous leaders

The NRC’s Indigenous Student Employment Program is a unique opportunity designed to empower Indigenous students by providing hands-on experience and an opportunity to develop valuable skills in the world of scientific research and development. We’re committed to diversity, inclusion and fostering meaningful engagement at the NRC.

Key benefits

Paid placements: You’ll have access to paid work terms, allowing you to earn income and gain practical experience in different fields of research and development at one of our research centres or in any of our corporate areas, such as library and information sciences, communications and marketing. In this employment program, your rate of pay is based on the number of semesters you’ve completed.

Skills development: You’ll have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, from laboratory techniques to project management. These skills are transferable and highly valued in many career paths, increasing your chances of finding a job at the NRC or elsewhere. Working alongside leading scientists and engineers at one of our research centres, you’ll be exposed to ground-breaking research projects that contribute to innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

Networking opportunities: The program also connects you with professionals, researchers and fellow students at the NRC and gives you the opportunity to participate in our student engagement program. Building these connections can open doors to future career opportunities.

Cultural inclusivity: The NRC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Indigenous students will find a welcoming and supportive workplace where their unique perspectives and cultural backgrounds are valued and celebrated.

Flexibility: This program is designed to accommodate your academic schedule, ensuring you can balance your work, family and academic commitments. In addition, remote work opportunities are available in some cases.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible for the NRC Indigenous Student Employment Program if you meet these criteria:

  • You are an Indigenous person - First Nation, Métis, or Inuit (Inuk)
    • First Nations: In Canada, an Indigenous grouping composed of many different nations having their own origin, history and culture, and whose members have called North America home for thousands of years
    • Métis: In Canada, Indigenous peoples whose members are of mixed First Nations and European ancestry, are united by a common origin, history and culture
    • Inuit (Inuk): In Canada, Indigenous peoples that inhabits or that traditionally inhabited the northern regions and Arctic coasts of Canada known as Inuit Nunangat, and whose members are united by a common origin, history and culture
  • You have a high school diploma or grade 12 equivalent
  • You are studying at a recognized postsecondary educational institutions in Canada and are returning to full-time studies in the following semester

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