Careers - frequently asked questions

General questions

  • Question 1. What kind of work is done at the NRC? Answer to question 1

    NRC is a leader in scientific and technical research, the diffusion of technology and the dissemination of scientific and technical information.

    Research is conducted on several fronts and in many different disciplines including: biotechnology, manufacturing technologies, information and communications technologies, nanotechnology, national measurement standards, molecular sciences, aerospace, transportation technologies, astronomy, marine dynamics and construction technologies.

  • Question 2. What kinds of employment opportunities are typically offered at NRC? Answer to question 2

    As NRC's main focus is research, many of our employees are scientists, researchers, engineers, and technicians. We also employ administrative staff, librarians, computer scientists, trades-people, business officers, technology advisors, financial officers, human resources officers, and other professionals. We have a wide-range of opportunities in each area from entry-level to senior management positions, which are classified into job categories.

  • Question 3. What type of people does NRC hire? Answer to question 3

    NRC has an amazingly talented and dedicated workforce. In addition to strong technical skills, we look for individuals who are motivated, flexible, creative, and willing to take calculated risks. Working in a highly collaborative environment, teamwork is essential, as we all play a part in achieving NRC's business goals. To be successful here, employees need to push themselves towards excellence and look for opportunities to learn and share learning with others.

  • Question 4. How can I find out more about employment opportunities at NRC? Answer to question 4

    The Jobs Available Now section of this website provides a comprehensive listing of all the positions currently available at NRC.

  • Question 5. Does NRC offer opportunities for students and/or recent graduates? Answer to question 5

    Yes, NRC offer programs for students and recent graduates including:

    For Post-secondary students:

    For Post-graduates:

  • Question 6. Is NRC part of the federal government? Answer to question 6

    Yes, NRC is a separate agency of the federal government of Canada.

Recruitment and selection process

  • Question 1. Can I submit my application and provide the requirements/attachments (i.e. reference letter, transcript, etc.) at a later date? Answer to question 1

    No. To ensure you are not excluded from searches, please do not submit your application until you have included all the necessary documents as attachments.

  • Question 2. Is a cover letter required? Who should it be addressed to? Answer to question 2

    A cover letter is only required if it's specifically requested in the competition poster. It can certainly add value to your application, so you are welcome to include one if you'd like. Your cover letter can be addressed to: «Dear Hiring Manager», «To Whom It May Concern» or any other general salutation.

  • Question 3. The opportunity I'm interested requires reference letters, but my referees prefer to send it directly to the NRC. Is that possible? Answer to question 3

    No. Your referees will need to provide you with the letters and you will need to attach them to your profile when submitting your application. Failure to do so will result in your application being excluded from searches.

  • Question 4. When will I hear from the NRC regarding my application to the Research Associate (RA) or Student Employment Program (SEP)? Answer to question 4

    The NRC recruitment programs, more specifically Research Associate (RA) and Student Employment Program (SEP), are two separate databases. Therefore, once you have successfully submitted your application with all of the required attachments, your profile will be active in our database. When a request is received from a hiring manager, the Human Resources team will search the applications based on criteria such as: preferred work location, formal education, academic level, discipline, etc. When a candidate is a match, they will be forwarded to the hiring manager for further consideration. We thank all those who apply, however, only those selected for further considerations will be contacted.

  • Question 5. Why did I receive a message indicating that my candidacy was not retained for further consideration for a position that I didn't even apply to? Answer to question 5

    It's possible that your profile was forwarded to a new Research Associate (RA) or Student Employment Program (SEP) requisition based on the preliminary search criteria. Unfortunately, sometimes upon further inspection of the application the candidate does not meet the requirements of the specific position. Please be reassured that if you applied to the Research Associate Program (RA) or Student Employment Program (SEP) your profile remains active and will be included in searched for other opportunities until the closing date.

  • Question 6. When does summer student employment begin and end? Answer to question 6

    The time frame for the summer student employment program is approximately from the beginning of May to the end of August. Start and end dates are subject to the student's availability.

  • Question 7. Will my profile status change when I am being considered for an opportunity? Answer to question 7

    No. Your profile will still indicate «We are currently reviewing applications». When your profile is matched, we will communicate with you.

  • Question 8. When should I apply to the Research Associate Program (RA) or Student Employment Program (SEP)? What happens to my application once the deadline arrives? Answer to question 8

    To ensure that you are considered for as many opportunities as possible, we encourage you to apply to the program as early as possible before the deadline (31 March for the Research Associate program, and 31 August for the Student Employment Program). The Research Associate Program (RA) will relaunch in May while the Student Employment Program (SEP) will relaunch in September. Please re-apply if you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and are still interested in being considered for the programs.

  • Question 9. Does the NRC advertise specific Research Associate opportunities, other than through the RA program? Answer to question 9

    Absolutely. Please keep an eye on our website to find a list of all available job opportunities. You can even create a job alert.