Behavioural competencies for Technology support: Self-knowing and self-development

Assessing strengths and weaknesses and engaging in ongoing self-development and improvement; maintaining effectiveness in the face of change or ambiguity.

Level 1

Self-assesses and monitors oneself to maintain personal effectiveness

  • Continually self-assesses and seeks feedback from others to identify strengths and weaknesses and ways of improving.
  • Seeks to close gaps in knowledge and skills through self-learning, and/or seeking assistance, advice, training or coaching.
  • Continually expands level of knowledge in relevant fields of expertise.
  • Continually applies knowledge and new learning to improve job performance.
  • Persists in asking questions to learn and to identify better ways of doing things.
  • Keeps abreast of changes in technical requirements and standards.

Level 2

Seeks to improve and maintain personal effectiveness in high demand situations

  • Sets challenging goals and standards of excellence for self.
  • Seeks new assignments as development opportunities.
  • Identifies personal learning objectives based on anticipated needs.
  • Strives to continue to meet commitments despite heavy workload.
  • Responds and adapts to technological and organizational change through new learning.

Level 3

Impacts on effectiveness of others

  • Fosters an environment that contributes to continuous learning.
  • Effectively mentors and coaches others.
  • Maintains effective judgments, decision-making and responds constructively towards others in high demand, difficult or stressful periods or situations.