Behavioural competencies for Technology extension: Networking

Cultivating a network of contacts as sources of information, advice and support.

Level 1

Accesses known sources of information

  • Nurtures and develops key contacts as a source of information.
  • Accesses existing networks (partners, users of products, competitors, other team members, areas of NRC, etc.) to remain current with trends and developments, and seek opportunities to partner and transfer knowledge, by actively participating in trade shows, conferences, meetings, committees, multi-stakeholder groups and/or seminars.

Level 2

Builds personal contacts and networks

  • Cultivates personal networks in different parts of the innovation system and effectively uses contacts to achieve results.
  • Seeks out the expertise of others and links industry with experts and information sources.
  • Brings informal teams of experts, researchers and consultants together to address issues/needs and resolve differences, as required.

Level 3

Facilitates networking

  • Creates and facilitates forums for developing new alliances and formal networks.
  • Regularly shares successes, creating an awareness of the strengths of people and best practices.
  • Creates and enhances opportunities for visibility of NRC.
  • Develops and nurtures strategic alliances, identifying opportunities within and outside Canada.