Behavioural competencies for Technology extension: Business understanding

Setting direction and operating in keeping with an understanding of the industry or economic sector, market dynamics and priorities, and NRC's role in regional and national systems of innovation.

Level 1

Understands business practices and etiquette

  • Follows appropriate business practices and business etiquette in keeping with NRC's values.
  • Understands the business situation of clients and adapts actions accordingly.

Level 2

Applies business principles

  • Understands the clients' priorities, dynamics and operational details.
  • Strives for the best return on investments and to maximize the benefits for NRC and clients (e.g. through sound negotiating, identifying business opportunities).
  • Uses understanding of business management and operations to make decisions.

Level 3

Understands business sectors

  • Continually gathers information about the current and future market and client needs.
  • Identifies business needs or issues common to a business sector.
  • Develops innovative ways to generate revenue and/or return on investment for NRC and NRC clients, and maximize resources.
  • Ensures due diligence by keeping informed of the business and/or operational plans and directions of clients.
  • Enters into business relationships that are equitable and beneficial for everyone.

Level 4

Positions NRC within the market context

  • Understands and anticipates the needs and potential trends of science and technology in the global marketplace.
  • Understands and values NRC's intellectual property, development efforts, alliances and products.
  • Identifies opportunities to invest in, develop and promote the accomplish-ments and capabilities of NRC and its clients.
  • Adapts priorities and direction to the changing market demands.
  • Acts to influence the market by promoting innovations and their value to the economic and social well-being of Canada.