Behavioural competencies for Supervisor: Visioning/alignment

Creating a vision of success, communicating the vision and aligning strategic, operational and personal work plans and goals to achieve the vision.

Level 1

Personal work alignment

  • Sets personal work goals in line with operational goals of work area.
  • Continually evaluates personal progress and behaviour to ensure alignment with strategic vision, organizational values and operational goals.
  • Coordinates personal work with others to ensure alignment with the business goals and values of the research centre, branch and NRC.

Level 2

Promotes team alignment

  • Effectively communicates and interprets the strategic vision to employees within area of responsibility.
  • Clearly articulates and promotes the significance as well as impact of employee contributions to promoting and achieving organizational goals.
  • Monitors work of team to ensure alignment with strategic direction, vision and values for the organization.
  • Identifies potential future directions for work area in line with vision.
  • Contributes in a constructive way to the development of the strategic plan for the work area.

Level 3

Develops program / operational goals & plans

  • Works with teams to set program / operational goals and plans in keeping with the strategic direction.
  • Effectively promotes the organization's business direction within NRC to develop understanding, acceptance and personal alignment with NRC's vision.
  • Regularly, promotes NRC, its vision and values to clients, stakeholders and partners.
  • Through participative management processes works with staff to set strategic goals for the organization.
  • Assesses the gap between the current state and desired future direction and establishes effective ways for closing the gap.
  • Regularly foresees obstacles and opportunities for the organization and acts accordingly.

Level 4

Influences strategic direction

  • Scans, seeks out and assesses information on potential future directions.
  • Weighs information relative to the social, political and economic directions of Canada (i.e. takes a 'whole systems' perspective).
  • Contributes to and provides leadership in the development of the Research Centre/Branch/Program vision.
  • Provides direction and communicates the vision to encourage alignment within the organization.

Level 5

Develops vision, sets values

  • Leads the development of the vision for the organization and sets the values and strategic direction for the organization for five to 10 years into the future.
  • Describes the vision and values in compelling terms to develop understanding, and promote acceptance among staff and stakeholders.