Behavioural competencies for Supervisor: Valuing people

Treating people fairly, with dignity and integrity, to promote commitment and productivity.

Level 1

Demonstrates respect and fairness through individual actions

  • Demonstrates actions and decisions that show consistency and fairness.
  • Solicits individuals' opinions and viewpoints and takes an interest in their work.
  • Recognizes people's diverse needs and perspectives (e.g. language differences, cultural differences, disabilities and personal family circumstances).
  • Recognizes individuals' achievements, knowledge and capabilities.
  • Listens to people's needs.
  • Monitors the work environment, successfully identifies underlying issues that impact negatively on people and takes appropriate action.

Level 2

Models and promotes a culture of respect, fairness and trust

  • Effectively promotes a respectful and positive work environment where individuals and groups are recognized for their contributions and diversity of opinions.
  • Coaches/advises others (e.g. dealing with ethical dilemmas, displaying sensitivity to diversity and diverse needs in all dealings and relationships, and in maintaining fairness, consistency and equity).
  • Challenges current organizational behaviours and methods of operating, if required, to encourage and promote fairness, equity, trust and respect.

Level 3

Sets the standard

  • Sets direction in terms of ethical standards and values for the organization.
  • Effectively promotes an environment of fairness, equity, consistency and trust in all dealings and relationships, internal and external to NRC.