Behavioural competencies: for Supervisor: Organizational/environmental awareness

Understanding the workings, structure and culture of the organization as well as the political, social and economic climate in which the organization operates.

Level 1

Understands formal structure

  • Recognizes and uses formal structure, rules, processes, methods or operations to accomplish work.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the general environment within which the organization operates.

Level 2

Understands informal structure and culture

  • Has a good understanding of the unwritten informal structure, culture, unspoken organizational limitations and ways of operating, and works effectively within and through these to accomplish goals (may apply within NRC and/or in dealing with clients, stakeholders or partners).
  • Effectively uses both formal and informal channels, including networking, for acquiring information, assistance and accomplishing work goals.
  • Understands issues and culture, both within and external to NRC.
  • Quickly understands and adapts to varying cultures and circumstances.
  • Effectively uses understanding of power relationships, issues and culture to anticipate impacts or outcomes, frame communication, develop strategy, positions, networks, partnerships and alliances to achieve organizational goals and/or "win-win" outcomes.

Level 3

Understands organizational politics, issues and external influences

  • Anticipates issues, challenges and outcomes and effectively operates to best position NRC.
  • Seeks to change culture and methods of operating, if counterproductive to the success of the organization.

Level 4

Understands and operates effectively in a broad spectrum of political, cultural and social milieu

  • Demonstrates broad understanding of political, social and economic context within which NRC operates.
  • Operates successfully in a variety of social, political and cultural milieus.