Behavioural competencies for Supervisor: Developing others

Developing others by providing a supportive growth environment and by coaching and mentoring.

Level 1

Shares expertise with others

  • Regularly shares expertise with team members to support continuous learning and improvement.
  • Advises, guides and coaches others by discussing how to handle anticipated or real concerns and by sharing experiences.

Level 2

Supports individual development

  • Creates a supportive environment for team members to be self-directed and responsible for own assessment and learning.
  • Effectively works with employees and teams to define realistic yet challenging work goals.
  • Provides performance feedback and support, reinforcing strengths and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Encourages staff to develop and apply their skills.
  • Effectively promotes an environment for team members to learn from each other and their experiences.
  • Engages in development and career planning discussions with employees.
  • Recommends and/or provides coaching, assignments, training, and other development opportunities to encourage high performance among staff.
  • Encourages team members to develop learning and career plans and follows-up to guide development and measure progress.

Level 3

Empowers others to self-develop

  • Ensures that resources and time are available in order to undertake development activities.
  • Provides supportive tools and opportunities for development.
  • Ensures that all employees have equitable access to development opportunities.
  • Effectively plans for human resource expertise to ensure full complement of capability on team.
  • Institutes organization-wide mechanisms and processes to promote and support continuous learning and improvement.

Level 4

Creates a continuous learning environment

  • Creates an environment within area of responsibility that fosters and values ongoing learning.