Behavioural competencies for Researcher: Results orientation

Focusing efforts on achieving quality results consistent with the NRC vision.

Level 1

Stays focused on results

  • Engages in dialogue with colleagues and managers to understand the strategic direction of the research centre and NRC.
  • Aligns personal work activities with the strategic direction of the research centre and NRC.
  • Finds ways to meet administrative requirements of the job without losing focus on research projects.
  • Stays focussed on goals and achieves results despite obstacles and disruptions.
  • Explores the accepted boundaries of risk for the organization.

Level 2

Seeks to improve personal performance

  • Undertakes projects related to different aspects of NRC's vision.
  • Strives, directly or through others, to see new knowledge incorporated into a useful product, process or service.
  • Changes priorities when appropriate.
  • Knows when it is time to terminate a research project to produce results even though more research may be worthwhile.
  • Assesses and operates within the acceptable boundaries of risk to the organization.
  • Looks for innovative ways to improve personal efficiency, and save resources.
  • Plans for contingencies to deal with unexpected events or setbacks.
  • Regularly evaluates own work performance for ways to improve.
  • Seeks feedback from others on ways to improve.

Level 3

Seeks to improve organizational performance

  • Regularly evaluates work processes, services, deliverables or programs.
  • Challenges inefficient/ ineffective work processes and offers constructive alternatives.
  • Seeks to expand the boundaries of acceptable risk to the organization.
  • Solicits and/or provides information that could affect the planning, programs and decision making for the organization.
  • Recommends or determines strategic or long term direction for the organization.
  • Establishes effective methods for assigning, managing and tracking work.

Level 4

Sets and models behavioural performance standards

  • Scans, seeks out and assesses information on potential future directions in line with the vision for NRC.
  • Approaches research from a global perspective with world class standards as the benchmark for quality in NRC.
  • Serves as a model for the standards of research excellence expected.
  • Determines or recommends strategic directions to enhance innovation and influence social and economic benefits for Canada.
  • Encourages the recognition of individuals, teams and groups who are examples of excellence for the organization.