Behavioural competencies for Researcher: Initiative

Anticipating and dealing with problems and issues in a persistent manner, seizing opportunities that arise and going beyond what is expected.

Level 1

Accepts challenges

  • Expresses a passionate interest in creating new knowledge and/or in developing new products, processes or services.
  • Describes a personal vision for their research that goes beyond current research projects and indicates a desire to impact a field of science/technology or an economic sector.
  • Seeks out and enjoys difficult challenges.

Level 2

Seeks and meets challenges

  • Constantly looks for new opportunities and seizes them when they arise.
  • Remains flexible to find alternate ways around obstacles/barriers to achieve goals.
  • Takes calculated risks to achieve goals/outcomes.
  • Perseveres in seeking solutions despite obstacles.

Level 3

Seeks to excel

  • Defines and addresses high level challenges that have the potential to benefit a field of science or an economic sector.
  • Coaches, supports and encourages others to test their limits.