Behavioural competencies for Researcher: Continuous professional learning

Continuously expanding and applying technical expertise.

Level 1

Increases professional capacity and accesses the knowledge of others

  • Continually expands level of knowledge in relevant fields of expertise. Remains up to date on new sources of information.
  • Actively pursues new ideas and options.
  • Continually draws on the knowledge of others through networking, teamwork, partnering and reading.

Level 2

Engages in activities that promote learning

  • Considers the potential for new learning in assessing projects and collaborative arrangements.
  • Actively pursues multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving.

Level 3

Facilitates learning

  • Fosters an environment that contributes to continuous learning.
  • Effectively mentors and coaches others.
  • Transfers accumulated knowledge and expertise to others both inside and outside NRC.
  • Proactively identifies areas where the research group needs to increase depth and breadth of knowledge and skill.
  • Searches out new techniques to improve knowledge.