Behavioural competencies for Research Technician/Technologist: Results orientation

Focusing efforts on achieving quality results consistent with the NRC vision.

Level 1


Stays focused on results

  • Promptly and efficiently completes work requests.
  • Works thoroughly and meticulously to achieve excellent results.
  • Stays focused on goals despite obstacles and disruptions.
  • Continually compares work performance and outcomes against standards to ensure accuracy.

Level 2


Seeks to improve personal performance

  • Sets challenging yet realistic goals in line with team/unit goals.
  • Anticipates, identifies and effectively deals with problems or risks.
  • Plans, prioritizes and balances work to meet commitments, goals and deadlines.
  • Maintains a well organized, documented and easy to maintain system for other users and for repeated use.
  • Suggests ways to improve efficiency.
  • Plans for contingencies to deal with unexpected events or setbacks.

Level 3


Seeks to improve organizational performance

  • Uses appropriate tools, methods and criteria, regularly evaluates work processes, services, deliverables or programs.
  • Identifies innovative ways to improve organizational efficiency, stretch budget and save resources.
  • Challenges inefficient/ ineffective work processes and offers constructive alternatives.
  • Continually improves upon work processes, procedures, tools and outcomes.

Level 4


Sets and models behavioural performance standards

  • Invests time and effort now to ensure long-term impact.
  • Develops systems to organize, track and share information.
  • Sets the expected standards and criteria for measuring success.
  • Delivers a clear message on the standards expected.
  • Serves as a model for the standards expected.