Behavioural competencies for Research Technician/Technologist: Initiative

Anticipating and dealing with problems and issues in a persistent manner, seizing opportunities that arise and going beyond what is expected.

Level 1


Accepts challenges

  • Persists in finding solutions.
  • Considers ideas from a variety of sources (e.g. literature, peers) in order to solve problems.

Level 2


Seeks and meets challenges

  • Creates and maximizes opportunities for the lab, research centre and/or NRC in a positive light.
  • Seeks out ideas from other disciplines and resources in order to solve problems.
  • Offers technical help and expertise to improve others' performance and resolve problems.

Level 3


Seeks to excel

  • Anticipates and responds in a proactive manner to future needs (of external clients and internal groups) that may not be obvious to others.
  • Coaches, supports and encourages others to test their limits.
  • Exceeds job expectations to contribute to lab, research centre and/or NRC objectives.