Behavioural competencies for Research Technician/Technologist: Creative thinking

Responding to challenges with innovative solutions, products or services by questioning conventional means, using intuition, experimentation and fresh perspectives.

Level 1

Understands how to solve problems

  • Uses common sense and knowledge to identify underlying issues and to solve problems.
  • Uses appropriate problem-solving techniques.

Level 2

Identifies existing solutions

  • Reviews existing options, concepts and approaches, and identifies one(s) that will work in the situation at hand.
  • Stands back from a problem and observes patterns and interrelationships in data to see where problems or discrepancies arise.
  • Recognizes and assesses several likely causes or ways of interpreting available information.
  • Solves complex problems through application of existing theories or explanations.
  • Recognizes when a new approach is needed to solve a problem.

Level 3

Modifies existing solutions

  • Questions traditional solutions and uses unconventional methods to find solutions.
  • Thinks about problems from a new perspective.
  • Thinks several steps ahead in deciding on best course of action in complex situations (anticipates likely outcomes).
  • Applies ideas from other disciplines or fields of research to solve problems.

Level 4

Creates new solutions/concepts

  • Assesses and applies new concepts, theories, approaches and/or solutions.
  • Solves complex or inter-related problems through developing new theories or explanations.