Behavioural competencies for Research Technician/Technologist: Communication

Openly communicating in a compelling, honest, persuasive and articulate manner, ensuring the message is clear, understood and consistent with NRC objectives.

Level 1


Presents information that others understand

  • Presents and shares information and facts in an open, logical, clear and coherent manner.
  • Provides all of the available information necessary for understanding and making effective decisions.
  • Supports positions and conclusions with appropriate information.
  • Actively listens (e.g. builds rapport, considers other viewpoints and takes appropriate action).

Level 2


Fosters two-way communication

  • Conveys an understanding of and responds appropriately to the comments and questions of others.
  • Communicates in a tactful and sensitive way, e.g. by taking into consideration a person's background, expertise and needs.
  • Knows which questions to ask, how to ask them to gain clarification, and whom to ask.
  • Builds informal personal networks to exchange information and resolve problems.
  • Anticipates and plans for reactions of others and tailors the communication approach to the needs of others.

Level 3


Adapts communication strategies to situations

  • Quickly and easily reads the environment and cues from others to assess when and how to change track or planned approach.
  • Works to enhance credibility, promotes trust and acts in a manner consistent with NRC's ethics, values and standards.
  • Uses presentations and/or publications to promote research projects and/or new initiatives.

Level 4


Fosters a client-focused culture

  • Seeks out future opportunities and anticipates client needs.
  • Identifies and approaches potential clients.
  • Develops creative and innovative ways of meeting client needs.