Behavioural competencies for NRC Entrepreneurship: Interpersonal and team-building

Building, leading and working effectively within work teams.

Level 1


Cultivating a network of contacts as sources of information, advice and support.

  • Pursues the development of contacts to expand opportunities
  • Actively and continuously seeks opportunities to promote business and increase visibility (e.g. speaking engagements)
  • Quickly and easily builds networks and personal relationships

Level 2

Communication/impact and influence

Gaining support from others for ideas, proposals and solutions through effective communication and action.

  • Makes effective presentations, targeting message and language of communication to the audience
  • Describes a compelling vision for the organization (i.e. translates the organizational vision into terms others understand)
  • Uses language that is targeted to the audience (e.g. clients)
  • Translates research into business terms, as required (e.g. cost / benefit analysis; return on investment)

Level 3

Interpersonal relations

Interacting effectively with others, maintaining relationships and producing win-win results among people.

  • Trusts others to invest themselves in the venture
  • Is genuine and authentic; builds trust with staff, client, contacts, etc.
  • Negotiates effectively with others, seeking "win / win" outcomes
  • Recognizes that business success is as much dependent on dealing effectively and fairly with others as it is on the technology

Level 4

Teamwork/team building

Building, leading and working effectively within work teams.

  • Builds teams comprised of the right skills (complementary – technical as well as business and behavioural competencies) to promote business success
  • Understands strengths and weaknesses of team members
  • Works to overcome barriers to team effectiveness (e.g. helping team members to understand each other, their issues, frustrations and motivators)
  • Invests in the team (e.g. through learning, coaching, etc.) to make sure members can succeed
  • Is sensitive to the needs, frustrations, interests and issues of each team member