Behavioural competencies for Management services: Networking

Cultivating a network of contacts as sources of information, advice and support.

Level 1

Accesses known sources of information

  • Accesses existing networks to remain current with trends and developments.
  • Seeks opportunities to exchange knowledge, by actively participating in meetings, committees, etc.
  • Seeks out the expertise of others and develops relationships with them.

Level 2

Builds personal contacts and networks

  • Nurtures and develops key contacts (colleagues, team members, industry contacts, etc.) to access needed information.
  • Seeks out opportunities to make presentations, participate on committees, etc. to increase the group's exposure within relevant business areas.
  • Uses networks to understand the general direction of their field of work.
  • Makes effective contributions to networks.

Level 3

Facilitates networking

  • Creates and facilitates forums for developing new alliances and formal or informal networks.
  • Promotes successes, creating an awareness of the strengths of people and best practices.
  • Uses networks to promote and create opportunities for NRC.
  • Encourages others to build networks and provides opportunities for them to do so.
  • Brings informal teams of internal/external stakeholders together to address issues/needs.
  • Develops and nurtures strategic alliances, identifying opportunities within and outside Canada.
  • Uses information acquired through networking to influence the NRC strategic direction.