Behavioural competencies for Management services: Communication

Openly communicating in a compelling, honest, persuasive and articulate manner, ensuring the message is clear, understood and consistent with NRC objectives.

Level 1

Presents information that others understand

  • Presents and shares information and facts in a logical, timely, clear and coherent manner.
  • Provides the information necessary for understanding and making effective decisions.
  • Supports position with relevant data, information, examples, etc., as required.
  • Actively listens (e.g. builds rapport, considers other viewpoints and takes appropriate action).
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity when communicating.
  • Treats confidential information appropriately.

Level 2

Fosters two-way communication

  • Considers others' perspective when presenting arguments (e.g. presents mutual benefits).
  • Anticipates and plans for reactions of others and tailors communication approach to the needs of the intended audience.
  • Conveys an understanding of, and responds appropriately to, the comments and questions of others.
  • Communicates in a tactful and sensitive way, e.g. by taking into consideration a person's background, expertise and needs.
  • Knows which questions to ask, how to ask them to gain clarification, and whom to ask.

Level 3

Adapts communication strategies to situations

  • Deals effectively with a broad range of individuals and audiences and in a variety of contexts.
  • Quickly and easily reads the environment and cues from others to assess when and how to change track or planned approach.
  • Positions communication to achieve the desired results.
  • Clarifies common ground between opposing points of view to advance cooperation.
  • Influences others' perceptions, using consensus building, consultations and negotiations.

Level 4

Uses influencing strategies

  • Articulates and communicates key positions of the organization in order to influence direction.
  • Uses communication strategies to develop partnerships or to obtain buy-in from others.
  • Articulates and positions messages strategically and succinctly to stakeholder groups.
  • Anticipates and articulates the future vision in ways that are clear and relevant.
  • Creates an environment of open and effective communication.