Behavioural competencies for Management: Leverage collaborative relationships

Management behavioural competency (PDF, 135 KB)

Develops, maintains and strengthens relationships while securing support and forming alliances with both internal and external stakeholders who can provide information and assistance that help advance NRC's mandate. It involves working collaboratively with others, forging connections with key industry stakeholders, cultivating win-win relationships and building coalitions in order to advance NRC's science, research and technology. It includes working horizontally as well as vertically within and outside NRC with the goal to win cooperation from stakeholders.
Scale progression
The scale progresses from obtaining support and collaboration primarily from known groups and partners to winning, engaging and leveraging new partnership opportunities that represent commercial potential for NRC as a whole.

Level 1

Maintains contacts and works collaboratively

  • Keeps networks active by sharing information and communicating frequently and openly with stakeholders, highlighting the win-win nature of collaboration.
  • Fosters a climate of trust and respect with others; treats partners fairly, ethically and as valued allies.
  • Cooperates with individuals and groups across NRC by being honest and transparent in all interactions and responding effectively and efficiently to requests.
  • Expresses appreciation to others who have provided information assistance or support.
  • Engages others by presenting ideas and arguments clearly to get a point across.

Level 2

Secures support from existing networks and strengthens partnerships

  • Convinces others by identifying benefits for all; looks for ways to increase the value of the partnership for all parties.
  • Investigates with others ahead of time in order to obtain and prepare relevant data to build support for an idea.
  • Manages existing partnerships within established agreements or contracts; negotiates adjustments when mutually beneficial to do so.
  • Builds a business case for an idea by applying sound logic and relevant business or technical knowledge.
  • Genuinely cultivates personal bonds with colleagues across NRC in order to enhance performance throughout the organization.
  • Discusses issues and exchanges information with partners to identify areas of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Understands the internal dynamics of other groups and draws on them to facilitate project execution or persuade others. 

Level 3

Identifies and capitalizes on new partnership opportunities

  • Seeks and influences new relationships outside own unit and identifies new collaborative partnerships that better position NRC's programs and services.
  • Identifies and creates opportunities to partner through networking and participating in cross-functional, multi-stakeholder groups.
  • Proactively pitches a business case to gain visibility, promote acceptance, encourage support and raise the profile of the idea.
  • Establishes connections that help facilitate the accomplishment of broader organizational objectives.
  • Coaches others on how to develop proposals and work plans for effective partnership arrangements.
  • Uses negotiation techniques, such as careful preparation of data and appeals to others' interests when selling and/or presenting business cases or arguments.
  • Shares information with colleagues and partners about industry trends and business opportunities.

Level 4

Facilitates partnerships and alliances with key business and industry stakeholders

  • Establishes new relationships outside NRC and expands sphere of influence to better position NRC's science, research and technology to create new business opportunities.
  • Creates alliances with key stakeholders within and outside NRC to help promote mutually beneficial business opportunities.
  • Provides advice and direction on the types of partner relationships to pursue as well as the rules of engagement for an effective collaboration.
  • Supports staff in taking calculated risk(s) in their partner relationships; intervenes when necessary to assist others or help resolve problems in partnership arrangements.
  • Shares knowledge and communicates lessons learned from different partnering arrangements to promote ongoing development and sound business planning.

Level 5

Leverages strategic partnerships to advance NRC's mandate

  • For the good of all stakeholders, understands and uses internal or external political forces, rivalries and alliances to move projects forward when appropriate.
  • Draws on own and others' internal and external networks to help ensure buy-in and ownership; enhances the visibility of NRC's science, research and technology in the broader commercial sphere.
  • Provides strategic advice on the value and types of partnership arrangements that NRC should be pursuing.
  • Seeks creative ways to partner to promote the innovation of NRC's science, research and technology and their economic and social benefits to Canadians.
  • Mines information on industry trends and business opportunities to orient the broader research mandate and promote the commercializability of NRC's science, research and technology.