Behavioural competencies for Management: Innovativeness

Management behavioural competency (PDF, 88 KB)

Goes beyond the conventional, "thinking outside the box", with a willingness to take risks and try out different solutions. It involves questioning the status quo as well as generating and implementing creative solutions and novel ways to achieve NRC's business goals. It involves combining insight into the business needs of stakeholders and the organization with an inventive approach to looking at business problems, commercial issues and/or research opportunities.
Scale progression
The scale progresses from understanding the need for new approaches to proposing precedent setting solutions to creating an environment where new ideas are encouraged.

Level 1

Questions conventional work methods

  • Questions/challenges conventional approaches; uses new information to offer realistic alternatives.
  • Proposes a non-traditional approach when there is evidence or sound thinking which substantiates the viability of this approach.
  • Actively contributes to brainstorming sessions in his/her work area to generate new ideas.
  • Questions and challenges current processes with the intent of continuously improving NRC's scientific, research and/or commercialization potential.

Level 2

Willingly tries new approaches

  • Offers suggestions to improve the ways things are done.
  • Is open to experiment with solutions that have not traditionally been carried out at NRC.
  • Comes up with alternatives to addressing problems; some of which may require fine-tuning of what already exists.
  • Shifts attention and priorities in own work in response to needs in the business.

Level 3

Imports or modifies innovative ideas or responses to business issues

  • Generates new and innovative solutions to business issues or problems by adjusting existing practices.
  • Draws on options and solutions from across NRC, not just from one's own area, to solve problems.
  • Evaluates and creates new approaches for innovating; for example, by canvassing others for ideas, exploring diverse perspectives, and networking within the organization.
  • Substantially improves or modifies work processes through the early adoption of innovative or non-traditional approaches or technologies.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to try out new experiences and/or approaches.

Level 4

Uses breakthrough thinking  to identify leading edge solutions

  • Thinks imaginatively, or "outside of the box" in order to identify and/or develop creative solutions for which there are few or no precedents.
  • Seeks out new information and brings forward innovative solutions with little to no guidance.
  • Integrates relevant concepts/models into a complete vision or solution for which there is no previous experience or road map.
  • Develops ideas to reshape the business over the long-term.
  • Comes up with fundamental new ways to support NRC's ability to execute its strategy.
  • Creates new insights from a wide range of information, tools and techniques.

Level 5

Creates an environment that fosters creativity

  • Encourages and promotes exploration of new ideas and creative thinking in self and others.
  • Acts in a way that helps others generate breakthrough ideas, fresh perspectives and new opportunities.
  • Encourages and leads innovation amongst others to achieve greater results through creative action.
  • Encourages creativity on the part of others by highlighting the benefits of innovation and change on the overall performance of the organization and/or the performance of a specific area.
  • Exercises good judgment in knowing when it is necessary to bend the rules or take risks in order to serve the customer or the business need.
  • Stimulates idea flow from all staff, with a commercialization mindset for developing new products and services.
  • Fosters a safe and stable work climate that allows new and innovative ideas to surface.