Behavioural competencies for Management: Drive for results and efficiency

Management behavioural competency (PDF, 89 KB)

Positions the organization for success by establishing challenging yet achievable performance goals, aligning systems and processes to deliver on NRC's goals of generating economic, social and environmental benefit to Canadians, and implementing more efficient work practices.  It involves managing and allocating financial and people resources to execute operational and business plans and leverage revenue targets. (Important to note: Drive for Results and Efficiency is about improving organizational performance while Action Management is about planning, organizing and managing work activities.)
Scale progression:
All levels of this competency express an intense concern with improving performance that ranges from the individual/team to the organizational level.

Level 1

Is tenacious and strives for efficiency

  • Pushes projects forward despite obstacles
  • Does not give up; remains focussed on attaining results despite obstacles and interruptions
  • Depicts a sense of urgency for solving problems and getting work done in the most efficient manner
  • Completes work assignments promptly and efficiently
  • Ascertains when it is appropriate to intervene in situations that jeopardize the attainment of goals
  • Encourages everyone to be professional at all times, i.e., accurate, punctual and reliable
  • Seeks feedback from stakeholders to help improve performance
  • Takes ownership of decisions and actions that advance objectives

Level 2

Promotes alignment

  • Infuses clarity in team structure, accountability and goals
  • Eliminates unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiency in work processes and procedures
  • Synchronizes and aligns efforts with others towards attaining common goals
  • Involves employees in planning, problem solving and decision-making on matters that affect team performance
  • Clearly explains to others when their expectations are at odds with the goals of the project, program, research centre and/or NRC
  • Establishes methods for open communication and decision making to support team cohesion and performance

Level 3

Improves team/unit performance

  • Helps others generate breakthrough ideas, fresh perspectives and new approaches
  • Creates a safe and positive environment for self and others to try and learn new ways of doing things
  • Empowers all employees to be effective and to champion continuous improvement
  • Empowers team members to propose approaches to increase performance and deliver results in shorter timeframe (or at lower cost, etc.)
  • Does not rest on past successes; establishes new "stretch" goals for the unit that accelerate NRC's business objectives
  • Makes changes to meet the evolving needs of NRC's stakeholders, and shifts in external markets, industry, government policies, etc.

Level 4

Champions broad initiatives to improve organizational performance and delivers on business objectives

  • Champions initiatives across organizational boundaries to achieve a new operational efficiency
  • Seeks to expand the acceptable boundaries of risk in order to position NRC's science and research within industry
  • Creates an environment in which all systems and processes support high levels of efficiency
  • Develops and executes business plans and budgets to surpass or leverage revenue targets
  • Seeks new opportunities to improve business outcomes using innovative (unique/original/untried) approaches to overcome obstacles and surpass performance

Level 5

Optimizes systems and processes to maximize broad organizational success

  • Makes significant, lasting changes in climate, culture or focus of the organization to improve operational excellence and organizational success
  • Creates new systems or structures to support long-term strategy and requisite supporting behaviours
  • Changes metrics, job responsibilities, information systems, rewards systems, etc. to align desired behaviours with strategy and organizational performance
  • Develops broad governing models integrating NRC's business functions
  • Recognizes employees, teams and groups who exemplify organizational excellence
  • Champions the ongoing spirit of improvement and professional growth across the organization
  • Articulates a vision for operational excellence, including the strategic, long-term management of finances and people