Behavioural competencies for Management: Client relationship management

Management technical competency (PDF, 90 KB)

Understands the techniques required to develop, maintain and manage business relationships with clients and partner organizations in order to implement and manage projects and to identify new business opportunities for NRC. This includes managing clients'/partners' expectations during project delivery, establishing and maintaining relationships at all levels of the organization, and increasing partner loyalty throughout the course of an engagement and after. It includes using the available channels to obtain information on the clients' ongoing and future strategic business needs with a view to increase profitable business and commercialization opportunities for NRC with a win-win mindset. Applies sound project management skills to produce the agreed upon deliverables on time and according to specification. Addresses project scope creep, objections and related issues, inter team and interpersonal dynamics and other delivery issues that could impact profitability, feasibility, relationships, etc.

Level 1 - Foundational

Some familiarity with and ability to apply the competency in limited difficult situations

  • Is aware of partner organizations' needs in relation to NRC's offerings.
  • Reads about partner organization(s); stays informed and identifies possible business opportunities.
  • Familiar with partner organizational chart(s) and who the key players are; is known in the organization as one of NRC's project team members.
  • Assists joint NRC/partner organization(s)' project management teams in an administrative capacity.
  • Is courteous and approachable.
  • Demonstrates a service oriented mindset and desire to work well with partner/client.

Level 2 - Intermediate

Basic understanding of and ability to apply the competency in routine situations

  • Understands principles of the project management life cycle.
  • Reaches out to key client/partner contacts: establishes working relationships with personnel.
  • Stays in touch with personnel in partner organizations and shares useful information about NRC and the industry and how NRC can add value to the client.
  • Helps establish project priorities, time lines, and roles and responsibilities that prevent misunderstanding or confusion for the client.
  • Is known in the other organizations as one of NRC's key resources on the project.
  • Brings up client issues to NRC authority to address.
  • Understands the client's operational needs and how they relate to what NRC offers.
  • Identifies business development opportunities within existing clients.
  • Identifies where client needs and aspects of the current project intersect and where NRC can add value.

Level 3 - Seasoned

Solid understanding of and consistent ability to apply the competency in most situations

  • Develops and/or manages strategic relationships with Tier 2 or Tier 3 clients.
  • Manages project delivery plans, from planning to execution to evaluation for Tier 2 or Tier 3 partners/clients.
  • Acts as the principal link between partners and NRC.
  • Monitors projects against milestones; informs clients of delays or issues; negotiates acceptable compromises.
  • Works at integrating NRC front line team with client's/partner's team.
  • Conducts effective negotiations within field of expertise/authority level.
  • Enjoys a genuine collaborative relationship with clients; is an integral part of "the client team."
  • Maintains an up-to-date understanding of all developments which may affect the client's current business and operational plans; advises clients/NRC of relevant matters.
  • Mines business development activities within current clients' goals.
  • Identifies areas where NRC can extend partnership with clients beyond current project(s).
  • Understands and adapts appropriately to commercial realities of NRC and the clients/partners.

Level 4 - Advanced

Advanced understanding of and ability to apply the competency in a full range of situations

  • Leads and manages complex service agreements and strategic relationships with Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients; leads new business development activities within current industry.
  • Reviews changes to delivery plans after exploring all relevant options and consequences to ensure best value and/or greatest benefit for NRC and clients.
  • Combines specialist skills with deep knowledge of the client organization's strategic business priorities.
  • Is sought after by clients to discuss current or future strategic opportunities.
  • Works at integrating NRC broader teams into client's projects.
  • Possesses an excellent knowledge of client future business requirements, balanced with an understanding of internal culture and climate.
  • Conducts sensitive and complex negotiations to achieve a successful outcome for NRC and the client.

Level 5 - Mastery

Thorough understanding of and ability to apply the competency creatively in the most complex and challenging situations

  • Enjoys a strategic relationship with senior personnel of Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients; is embedded in the client organization's team.
  • Provides a seamless service to senior clients, focused on current and future commercial benefit of the relationship.
  • Conducts high-stakes negotiations with high-level clients while taking account of different stakeholder agendas, cultural norms, situational factors, and what is at stake for NRC.
  • Identifies critical issues at individual, functional, divisional and national levels for the client, and provides solutions that address them.
  • Delivers high level expertise that maximizes benefits for the client organization and/or enhances NRC's reputation.

Core: Does this person depict a strong ability to develop trusted partnerships and manage client relationships in a way that adds value to NRC?