Behavioural competencies for Management: Business development

Management technical competency (PDF, 90 KB)

Understands the approaches and practices required for identifying and capitalizing on business and commercial opportunities. It includes the knowledge of relevant sales and negotiation techniques based on information about NRC's partners and clients, their business products, services and strategies and how they link with NRC's current or future research, technology and commercialization goals. This includes some or all of the following, as relevant to the position: approaches, techniques and scripts for cold calling, conducting effective company or industry fact finding, data mining for commercialization opportunities, networking techniques, identifying client needs, writing proposals, identifying and approaching key client decision makers, planning first contact and/or sales meetings and follow-ups, handling objections, negotiating costing and prices, and closing deals.

Level 1 - Foundational

Some familiarity with and ability to apply the competency in limited difficult situations

  • Researches potential leads and obtains additional information on clients or on the needs of partner organizations.
  • Identifies commercial opportunities via industry readings, internet searches, analysts' reports, etc.
  • Represents NRC as a trusted partner to others.
  • Understands the need to develop a network of contacts in targeted, potential partner organizations.

Level 2 - Intermediate

Basic understanding of and ability to apply the competency in routine situations

  • Aligns business development activities to NRC's commercialization strategy.
  • Translates client/customer intelligence into tangible specifications for NRC offerings.
  • Analyzes business and competitive intelligence data to identify existing and new business opportunities; correlates findings with NRC's solutions.
  • Identifies partners' short and long-term needs and requirements in the product/research/technology service development pipeline.
  • Tracks and communicates client and/or partner organizations' changes/trends to senior management and clients.
  • Is able to identify advantages and disadvantages of NRC vs. the competition.
  • Speaks to key factors that differentiate NRC's offerings from its competitors.
  • Can find the right individuals to contact by tapping into current network, leveraging the networks of others and using cold calling techniques.

Level 3 - Seasoned

Solid understanding of and consistent ability to apply the competency in most situations

  • Has a solid understanding of sales and marketing principles, best practices and common business development techniques.
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of a sales, marketing and/or PR strategy for current NRC offerings within his or her area of responsibility.
  • Promotes NRC's solutions, technologies and offerings to industry associations.
  • Develops networks of contacts internal to targeted partner organizations; knows who the decision makers are and works on establishing strong rapport.
  • Stays connected; informs partners on status of the product, technology or service development pipeline and expected benefits.
  • Leads standard sales presentations to Tier 2 or Tier 3 clients/partners within scope of responsibilities.
  • Able to identify which NRC offerings will be most effective for which potential target customers or partners; adapts sales message and technique to suit the audience's business needs.

Level 4 - Advanced

Advanced understanding of and ability to apply the competency in a full range of situations

  • Strong understanding of business development and/or PR principles, best practices and of the full range of business development techniques.
  • Takes a lead role in business development activities for Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients/partners (e.g., collecting and analyzing market information, user feedback, cataloguing press cuttings, producing and disseminating marketing materials, planning and organizing events, and dealing with press and other media).
  • Increases NRC's involvement with existing clients; develops multi-tiered relationships that span multiple sectors or programs.
  • Leads complex and major sales presentations and negotiations.
  • Discusses interdependencies between multiple offerings and NRC programs.
  • Leverages business knowledge and relationships to successfully negotiate complex partnerships.

Level 5 - Mastery

Thorough understanding of and ability to apply the competency creatively in the most complex and challenging situations

  • Extensive understanding of business development and/or PR principles and best practices, and of business development techniques.
  • Develops and leads implementation of an NRC-wide business development strategy; represents NRC at conferences, seminars and events, as well as acts as a key NRC spokesperson for the press and other media (if relevant to the role).
  • Develops and manages NRC's Tier 1 partner/client relationship management strategy to increase profitability and commercialization opportunities.
  • Negotiates complex sales contracts at the highest levels of partner organizations.
  • Develops and obtains approval from senior management for business development strategies and plans in order to achieve growth and financial profitability (e.g., acquisitions, mergers, and/or divestitures) that integrate NRC services across research centres and programs.

Core: Does this person have a solid understanding of business development techniques and strategies?