Behavioural competencies for Management: Business acumen

Management behavioural competency (PDF, 85 KB)

Carries out organizational strategy with a clear understanding of the industry trends, economic sectors and market dynamics that drive NRC's strategic imperatives and position the "commercializability" of its research within the business community. Demonstrates business foresight along with the ability to integrate diverse perspectives. Exercises judgement around opportunities that represent the most potential for innovation and return on investment for NRC and its stakeholders.
Scale progression
Scale progresses from depth of business awareness (i.e., from own business unit to business climate of external partners and clients) and breadth of understanding of commercialization opportunities (i.e., from applying standard business practices to customized innovative research opportunities).

Level 1

Understands business fundamentals and practices

  • Analyzes and comprehends organizational goals and strategies.
  • Understands business fundamentals in NRC's environment and incorporates them into decision-making.
  • Understands how the work of own division or group fits within the broader organizational context.

Level 2

Applies knowledge of industry, market and business trends to prioritize activities

  • Applies knowledge of industry / sector priorities, dynamics and operational structures to make business decisions that may involve an element of risk.
  • Correctly analyzes the business issues and identifies appropriate action.
  • Acquires additional information to resolve specific business issues and inform decisions.

Level 3

Leverages business sector opportunities and market dynamics to execute NRC strategy

  • Continually acquires information about NRC's key clients and stakeholders, where they are moving in the future and how NRC's programs and products can meet those needs in order to grow the business.
  • Maintains and develops an effective network of both scientific and business contacts that provides information and intelligence around the market and emergent opportunities.

Level 4

Instills a business-oriented mindset that drives the science and research agenda

  • Positions the innovative aspects of the science and technology alongside its commercial value in the business market so as to drive NRC's strategic mandate.
  • Promotes the pursuit of research that has economic, social and environmental value to Canadians and integrates diverse perspectives (i.e., within NRC, amongst partners, in industry).
  • Develops business plans that take into account longer-term activities, issues, problems or opportunities.

Level 5

Champions NRC within the market context as a trusted business partner

  • Understands the projected direction of science and technology in the marketplace and how changes will impact the NRC and its science and research.
  • Capitalizes on the value and worth of NRC's intellectual property, development efforts and products.
  • Assesses and links short-term tasks and objectives in the context of long-term business strategies or perspectives and industry trends.
  • Continually reviews business plans against the organization's strategic mandate; considers the long-term applications and commercial viability of current research activities.
  • Adapts priorities and business plans in response to changing market demands.