Behavioural competencies for Management services: Client focus

Bringing excellence to internal or external clients by focusing efforts on discovering and meeting their needs.

Level 1

Responds to client needs

  • Responds effectively to client needs.
  • Works to satisfy client and organizational expectations.
  • Explains basic procedures, policies and practices to clients.
  • Responds to client requests in a professional and helpful manner.

Level 2

Builds positive client relations

  • Helps clients to clearly define their needs and objectives.
  • Identifies benefits for the clients, looks for ways to add value.
  • Contacts clients to follow up on services, solutions or products to ensure that their needs have been correctly and effectively met.
  • Maintains ongoing communications with clients.
  • Seeks to understand issues from the client's perspective.
  • Clearly presents risks and liabilities to client.
  • Balances client requests with other priorities or constraints.
  • Works with clients to find points of compromise.

Level 3

Evaluates and adapts to client needs

  • Helps clients match their needs with existing services, solutions or products.
  • Implements effective mechanisms to deliver services, solutions and products.
  • Seeks out and involves clients or prospective clients in assessing products or services to determine ways to improve these.
  • Adapts services, products or solutions to meet client needs.
  • Monitors and evaluates client service progress and results.

Level 4

Fosters a client-focused culture

  • Strategically evaluates opportunities for new client relationships.
  • Recommends/determines strategic business direction to meet projected needs of clients.
  • Influences clients/market by promoting products or services and their value to the client.
  • Develops creative and innovative ways of meeting clients' needs.
  • Develops service standards taking into consideration client needs.