Behavioural compentencies for Management: Personal agility

Management behavioural competency (PDF, 85 KB)

Demonstrates positive attitude, resilience and openness to changes in NRC's scientific, technological, commercial or business environment, processes and structure. It implies adapting one's approach as the requirements of a situation change, being comfortable in ambiguous situations and working effectively within a variety of situations and with various individuals or groups of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
Scale progression
The scale progresses from changing when required to creating an agile work environment.

Level 1

Changes when required

  • Adapts to new approaches when explained why and how.
  • Adapts to changes in priorities, assigned responsibilities and projects. 
  • Demonstrates a willingness to change ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence.
  • Maintains a positive outlook as pressure increases.

Level 2

Is nimble; shift gears comfortably and quickly

  • Alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get the work done and/or to meet organizational goals.
  • Responds quickly to new opportunities and learns new behaviours.
  • Willingly considers new ideas, procedures or processes to address a situation.
  • Works well with different people; adapts to other's styles and/or work habits.
  • Depicts a positive outlook towards doing things differently.

Level 3

Thrives on constant change; adapts well to multiple changes

  • Enjoys ambiguity; comfortably handles risk and uncertainty; is responsive in ambiguous situations.
  • Works with a diversity of situations, people and groups and adapts to a change in direction, objectives and strategy.
  • Maintains positive demeanour under trying conditions.

Level 4

Models effective change behaviours

  • Is a role model for being flexible; models and helps others adapt to changes to procedures, processes, etc.
  • Coaches others and provides feedback on their change journey.
  • Depicts strong resilience and a mindset of continuous improvement.

Level 5

Enables an environment that fosters personal agility

  • Encourages agility on the part of others by highlighting the benefits of innovation and change for the overall success of the organization.
  • Makes organizational changes to meet the evolving needs of NRC's stakeholders and the shifts in external markets, financial industry, government policies, etc.
  • Provides an environment that encourages experimentation and that rewards and recognizes effort; accepts failure with an understanding that it often precedes success.
  • Stimulates idea flow from all staff with the aim of developing new, commercially viable products and services.
  • Helps others generate and identify breakthrough ideas, fresh perspectives and new opportunities.