Electrical power measurements calibration services


Please note our prices are subject to change.

Fees for service

If you wish to order a calibration service, please request a quote from the following technical contact:

Dr. Refat Ghunem
Telephone: 613-990-4021
Email: Refat.Ghunem@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca

Note that fees for measurement and calibration services are subject to change. The fees for service quoted do not include shipping, insurance or the cost of a customs broker. The client must arrange and pay for these services separately.

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-10-00-00 Custom electrical power measurements or services Fee on request
A33-10-00-01 Handling fee. A charge is levied for any instrument found to be unsuitable for calibration. This fee covers opening, inspection and return and is based on the work done prior to discovery of the fault. $310

Alternating current

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-10-01-01 Calibration of current transformers. Calibration of current transformers can be performed on-site or in-house. On-site calibrations are provided at 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz frequencies and at primary currents up to 2000 A. In-house calibrations can be performed at primary currents up to 60 000 A. By special arrangement, measurements at other than power frequency, ranging from 25 Hz to 5 kHz, are also available at certain ratios. Fee on request
A33-10-01-02 Calibration of Rogowski coils. This service includes the calibration of high-precision, rigid, and flexible Rogowski coils at currents up to 2000 A and adjustable power frequencies, at currents of up to 1000 A and frequencies up to 500 Hz, as well as at currents up to 60,000 A at frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. Calibrations at frequencies up to 10 kHz or higher, at smaller currents, are also available. Fee on request
A33-10-02-01 Calibration of potential transformers, voltage dividers and high voltage meters. Calibration of potential transformers, high voltage dividers and high voltage meters can be performed at primary voltages up to 200 kV on-site and up to 500 kV in-house. Fee on request
A33-10-03-01 High voltage power loss measurements. This service provides on-site measurement of load losses of large power transformers and high voltage inductive/capacitive reactors at voltages up to 250 kV and currents up to 1000 A. Fee on request
A33-10-04-01 On-site calibration of high voltage power loss measurement systems.Calibrations of various types of high voltage power loss measurement systems are performed on-site. Measurements can be made at any power factor for zero lag through unity to zero lead, positive or negative power, at voltages up to 100 kV, currents up to 1000 A, and 50 or 60 Hz. Fee on request
A33-10-04-02 Calibration of high voltage capacitors. This service measures the capacitance and voltage coefficients of precision gas-insulated high voltage capacitors up to 500 kV nominal voltage. Fee on request
A33-10-05-01 Resistance measurements. This service measures the resistance and phase angles of resistors and shunts from 100 µto 1 Mat frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Measurements at other frequencies, ranging from 25 Hz to 1 kHz, are also available, by special arrangement, for certain resistors and shunts. Fee on request

Calibration of electricity meters, sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-10-06-01 Calibration of single-phase electricity meters. This service calibrates high accuracy wattmeters and other power/energy related meters at any power factor from zero lag through unity to zero lead, positive or negative power at 100 V - 600 V, 1 A - 100 A, and 25 Hz to 3 kHz. Calibrations can also be performed with the voltage and current waveforms containing arbitrarily selected harmonic components. Fee on request
A33-10-06-02 Calibration of three-phase electricity meters. High accuracy three-phase electricity meters are calibrated under sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveform conditions at voltages up to 600 V and currents up to 100 A. Various types of digitizers and total harmonic distortion meters can also be tested by special arrangement. Fee on request
A33-10-08-01 Dielectric tests/measurements. This service evaluates the performance of the insulation characteristics of various types of high voltage apparatus and components, including measurements of partial discharge inception and extinction voltage with a sensitivity of 0.05 pC, capacitance and dielectric losses, ac and dc withstand voltages up to 500 kV and 200 kV respectively, and impulse strength at various waveforms up to 350 kV. Fee on request
A33-10-08-02 Calibration of high voltage bridges. This service calibrates transformer-ratio-arm bridges, particularly the current-comparator type, which are used for the measurement of impedance ratios at high voltage and high current. Fee on request

DC measurements

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-10-09-01 Calibration of high current DC measurement systems. This service calibrates high dc current measurement systems including high current shunts and transducers at currents up to 20 000 A on-site and 6000 A in-house. Fee on request
A33-10-09-02 High DC voltage calibration at one voltage or polarity. Calibrations of direct voltage measuring systems or sources are performed to 200 kV with an uncertainty of 20 µV/V and to 300 kV with an uncertainty of 30 µV/V at the 95 percent confidence level. An on-site calibration service is under consideration. Fee on request

High voltage impulse

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-10-10-01 High voltage impulse calibration to IEC 60060-2. Calibrations of impulse measuring systems are performed to 250 kV with an uncertainty at the 95 percent confidence level of 1 percent for peak values and 3 percent for time parameters. The service can be performed in-house or at the client's facility. Fee on request
A33-10-10-03 Calibration of pulse calibrators to IEEE 1122. Calibrations of pulse calibrators are performed in-house to 4 kV with an uncertainty at the 95 percent confidence level of 1 percent for peak values and 3 percent for time parameters. Fee on request