Aerosol and Gas Research and Calibration Services


Please note our prices will be changing on June 1, 2024.

Calibration services:

  • Calibration of real-time black carbon mass concentration instruments
  • Provision of certification data for new or updated real-time Black Carbon mass concentration instruments

Consultation services:

  • National and international standards and regulation of black carbon emissions
  • Measurements of black carbon emissions or atmospheric black carbon levels
  • Investigation of physical, chemical and optical properties of black carbon and other aerosol nanoparticles
  • Particle size distribution measurements of black carbon and aerosol nanoparticles


NRC's facilities include black carbon sources such as an inverted flame and a MiniCAST soot generator. Multiple laser-induced incandescence (LII) and photoacoustic systems to measure black carbon mass concentration in real-time are available for laboratory or field measurements. NRC also has the ability to collect particles for off-line analysis using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) imaging, Raman spectroscopy or energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Instruments to measure particle size distribution and particle number concentration are also available. NRC has two thermal-optical analysis instruments, one of which is portable. These instruments quantify the fraction and the mass concentration of elemental carbon (EC) and organic carbon (OC).

Fees for service

If you wish to order a calibration service, please request a quote from the following technical contact:
Daniel Clavel
Telephone: 613-990-7062

Note that fees for measurement and calibration services are subject to change. The fees for service quoted do not include shipping, insurance or the cost of a customs broker. The client must arrange and pay for these services separately.

Calibration number Description Fee
A33-12-00-00 Custom Black Carbon measurements or services Fee on request
A33-12-00-01 Handling fee, for processing items found not suitable for calibration. A charge is levied for any instrument or standard found to be unsuitable for calibration. This fee covers opening, inspection and return, and is based on the work done prior to discovery of the fault. $295
A33-12-01-01 Calibration of a real-time black carbon mass concentration instrument. $8,820
A33-12-01-02 Calibration of multiple real-time black carbon mass concentration instruments. Fee on request