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CCMC registry of product evaluations

The CCMC Registry of Product Evaluations is once again available online, and has been upgraded to convenient PDF format, with an easy to use, searchable index. The index is publicly available, and the product evaluations are free and accessible to qualified subscribers. To access the CCMC Registry follow the link in the "Browse" section on this page.

The Registry of Product Evaluations contains all Evaluation Reports and Listings on products evaluated by the CCMC (over 500 products). Indexed to the MasterFormat system used throughout North America, it is an invaluable tool for building professionals at every stage of design and construction to check plans, the acceptability of specified products, and their installation as users of the online Registry can quickly access technical and standards-related data on hundreds of evaluated materials, products and construction systems. In addition, Evaluation Reports are accompanied by illustrations.

Official version

The on-line edition is the official version of CCMC's Registry of Product Evaluations as of October 1st, 2000. The print version is no longer published.


The Web version is continually updated. Check the modification date at the bottom of the Registry web page.

Third party rights

Neither the CCMC nor the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) employees or agents shall be held responsible for any breach of patent or other right of a third party when issuing an Evaluation Listing or Report or in carrying out the normal functions implicit in evaluation activities, and the proponent shall indemnify NRC and/or any of its employees or agents for all legal costs in this respect.


This Registry contains no endorsement, warranty, or guarantee, expressed or implied, on the part of NRC for any evaluated material, product, system or service described herein. NRC accepts no responsibility for the performance of any product described herein if manufactured and/or used outside the purpose of the CCMC evaluation. Readers should not infer that NRC has evaluated the product for any purpose or characteristic other than stated herein.

Readers should consult the Registry Annex for important notices and general conditions applicable to CCMC Evaluations Reports and Listings.