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General information

General overview


This manual covers the registration and activation of Codes–guides Online Library concurrent-user subscriptions by site administrators.

Concurrent User licences allow a number of users to simultaneously access publications in the Codes–guides Online Library. The number of simultaneous users is limited to the number of licences purchased by your organization for one or more specified registered locations. Each location is defined by a single IP address, which is usually a firewall, a proxy or a gateway IP address that is "visible" via the Internet.

Concurrent User online subscriptions are only available to organizations.

Types of users

Site administrators

A Concurrent User site Administrator (CUA) must be appointed to manage the subscriptions for their organization. The CUA can be one of the end-users or a member of the organization's IT staff. The CUA can manage the subscriptions from any computer connected to the Internet (see the section entitled Minimum Requirements).

The CUA must register with the Codes–guides Online Library and create a unique Administrator User ID and Password in order to log in to the Codes–guides Online Library and activate publications for a specified registered location. Once the CUA activates a subscription, it becomes available to all end-users connected to the network of that specified location.

Concurrent users

End-users can view the online publications via the Internet from any computer (Mac or PC) connected to their organization's network without having to log in.

The number of licences purchased per location determines how many end-users can simultaneously view the online publications.

Access to the publications is limited to the period of time specified by the subscription term, i.e. 1 year or 5 years.

Technical support

Technical support information on the Codes–guides Online Library is available on the web site under Client support.

Minimum system requirements

For system requirements, see Codes-Guides Online Library System Requirements.

Setting up the online subscriptions


Once someone in your organization has successfully placed an order for an online subscription through the NRC Virtual Store or the Construction Research Centre Client Services, they will receive a confirmation email within 1 business day containing the Sales Order Number, the Customer Number (PDS), the list of publications purchased, and a link to the Codes–guides Online Library Web site. If they don't receive this confirmation email in their inbox, check their junk mail folder as some email systems may place it into this folder.

Important: Keep this Sales Order information handy: you will need it to activate the subscriptions and for Customer Service or Technical Support enquiries.

Before end-users at a specified registered location can can view the publications, you must complete two initial steps:

  1. register as the Codes–guides Online Library CUA, and
  2. activate the subscriptions for a specified location.

Getting started

The main log-in page is the starting point for new and registered CUAs (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Site administrator log-in screen

Figure 1


If you are a new CUA, click on "Click here to register," which will take you to the registration form (see Figure 3 in the next section).

If you are a registered CUA, you can activate the subscriptions or review the status of active subscriptions by logging in with your Administrator User ID and Password.

Figure 2: Manage subscriptions screen

Figure 2


Registering as a CUA

From the main log-in page (Figure 1), new CUAs are directed to the registration form (see Figure 3). Enter your information in the mandatory fields (read the instructions carefully).

Figure 3: Site administrator registration form

Figure 3


Important: You will need the public IP address of your organization's server (i.e. IP that is reachable on the Internet):

  • If you are registering multiple locations (on different networks) for your organization, provide the static IP address for each location, separated by a semicolon. Please note that subscriptions cannot be shared between multiple IP addresses that are not on the same network. Each distinct network address requires a separate subscription (license). For ordering information please contact the Construction Research Centre Client Services at 1-800-672-7990 in Canada or at 613-993-2463 for Ottawa-Gatineau and international calls.
  • You can also register a pool of public addresses by providing your public network address, consult your network administrator for specific information on your network addresses. Please contact Technical Support to register a range of IP addresses.

Click on "Register" to submit your registration. A confirmation screen will appear (see Figure 4).

Figure 4: Registration confirmation screen

Figure 4


Click on "Return to Login" to get back to the main log-in page (Figure 1) and proceed with activating the subscriptions.

Activating subscriptions

You can activate all subscriptions for a registered location at once or only some of them. You can always activate the remaining subscriptions at a later date. The period of each subscription starts upon activation.

You will need the following information to activate the subscriptions:

  • your Administrator User ID and Password used to register for the Codes–guides Online Library
  • the Sales Order Number, and
  • the Customer Number (PDS).

If you have multiple Sales Orders, repeat the activation steps for each Sales Order.

To activate the subscriptions:

  1. Go to the main log-in page for the Codes–guides Online Library.
  2. Enter your Administrator User ID and Password, then click on "Log in." The page shown in Figure 5 will appear.
    Figure 5: Manage subscriptions screen

    Figure 5

  3. Click on "Activate subscriptions" to start the activation process. The page shown in Figure 6 will appear.
    Figure 6: License agreement screen

    Figure 6

  4. Enter the Sales Order Number and Customer Number (PDS) for the order that contains the subscriptions you would like to activate.
  5. Read the Licence Agreement. You must accept the terms stated in this agreement to proceed. Click on the box beside "I agree with the Terms…," then click on "Continue." A list of purchased subscriptions will appear (see Figure 7 for an example).
    Figure 7: Select publications screen

    Figure 7

  6. Select the subscriptions you would like to activate and the IP address of the location for which these subscriptions should be available, then click on "Activate subscriptions." A confirmation page will appear on screen (see Figure 8).
    Figure 8: Activation completed screen

    Figure 8

  7. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the activated publications. Provide this link to the intended end-users in your organization.
  8. Click on "Log out" to end the session.

Checking the status of active publications

To check the status of active publications, log in using your Administrator User ID and click on "View Status" (Figure 5).

The information on all the active subscriptions will be listed on the page entitled "Your Active Subscriptions." Figure 9 shows a sample page.

Figure 9

Figure 9


Resetting your password

You can re-set your password by clicking on "Forgot password?" from the main log-in page. You will need your User Name and the email address provided upon initial registration. Fill out the form (see Figure 10) and click on "Reset password."

Figure 10

Figure 10


You will receive an email containing your new temporary password and a link to the "Change Password" page. Click on this link and follow the instructions on screen to change your temporary password (see Figure 11).

Figure 11

Figure 11


User name lookup

You can look up your username by clicking on "Forgot user name?" from the main log-in page. You will need the email address that was provided to us on initial registration. Fill out the form (see Figure 12) and click on "Lookup User Name."

Figure 12

Figure 12


You will receive an email providing your user name for the Codes-Guides Online Library.

Changing your e-mail address

You can update the-mail address registered for your Codes-Guides Online Library user account by logging in to the Codes-Guides Online Library and clicking on "Change E-mail".

Fill out the form (see Figure 13) and click on "Change E-mail."

Figure 13: Change e-mail address screen

Figure 13