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The content of these presentations is not up to date. These presentations are based on the 2010 Codes. Note the modification dates at the bottom of each page. Code seminars on the 2015 editions of Codes Canada are available.


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The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes is pleased to introduce FREE online presentations on the 2010 editions of Codes Canada publications, the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011, and energy efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings incorporated into Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada 2010. These complimentary online presentations provide detailed overviews of the major technical changes.

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Codes Canada 2010

  1. Combustible penetrations and plenum cables (NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9)
  2. Dangerous goods / flammable and combustible liquids / hazardous activities (NFC 2010)
  3. Fire alarms and exit signs (NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9, and NFC 2010)
  4. HVAC and plumbing (NBC 2010, Part 6 and NPC)
  5. Lateral load resistance (NBC 2010, Part 9)
  6. Other Part 9 changes (NBC 2010, Part 9)
  7. Radon(NBC 2010, Parts 5, 6 and 9)
  8. Residential care (NBC 2010, Part 3)
  9. Secondary suites (NBC 2010, Part 9)
  10. Spatial separations (NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9)
  11. Stairs, ramps, handrails and guards (NBC 2010, Parts 3 and 9)
  12. Structural loads (NBC 2010, Parts 4 and 5)
  13. Windows, doors, skylights and sealants (NBC 2010, Parts 5 and 9)

National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011

  1. Overview
  2. Building envelope (NECB Part 3)
  3. Lighting (NECB Part 4)
  4. Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems (NECB Part 5)
  5. Service water heating (NECB Part 6)
  6. Electrical power systems and motors (NECB Part 7)
  7. Building energy performance compliance path (NECB Part 8)

Energy efficiency requirements for housing and small buildings 2012

  1. General introduction
  2. Building envelope
  3. Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning and service water heating
  4. Performance path.

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