Laying the foundation for Net-Zero Energy Ready building codes by 2030

- Ottawa, Ontario

The National Research Council's Construction Research Centre (CRC) is working hard to help Canada meet its commitment to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (below 2005 levels) by 2030 through its Net-Zero Energy Ready (NZER) project.

The NZER project will support significant updates to building codes to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. It focuses on research to support solutions that may include superior insulation levels, high-efficiency mechanical systems, and/or very low levels of air leakage to reduce energy consumption, among other possibilities; introduce significant economic, environmental and social benefits; and result in substantial energy use reductions for Canadians.

The work being done supports the development of best practices, new building standards and the development of energy-efficient technologies. In turn, research-based evidence will also support the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) in deciding which code changes will facilitate the adoption of NZER model codes.

As more stringent energy efficiency code requirements are developed through the CCBFC's code development process, provinces and territories will be encouraged to adopt NZER codes for new construction and improve the energy efficiency of existing housing and buildings by 2030.

The NZER project is a collaboration between Natural Resources Canada and the CRC's two largest programs, the Building Regulations and Market Access and High Performance Buildings programs.

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