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The National Research Council's Building Regulations for Market Access program offers a full range of services to quantify and improve the acoustics of rooms, office spaces and buildings. We support the development of new acoustic products and technologies and facilitate their early adoption by developers and architects.

Discover some of our experts and connect with the National Research Council to develop a customized plan to improve your organization's products, validate their compliance and increase their market accessibility.

Christoph Hoeller, PhD in Building Acoustics
Christoph.Hoeller@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Architectural acoustics, sound insulation, structural acoustics, vibration analysis and human perception of sound.
Steven Kruithof, Diploma in Industrial Design
Transmission loss and impact sound insulation of floor systems and improvement due to toppings and ceiling linings.
Jeffrey Mahn, PhD in Building Acoustics
Jeffrey.Mahn@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Acoustic performance of building elements and systems and prediction of noise and vibration transmission in buildings.
Julie McIntyre, BSc in Building Science
Julie.McIntyre@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Transmission loss of walls, windows and doors and measurement of the sound absorption of materials.
Markus Müller-Trapet, PhD in Electrical Engineering
Markus.Mueller-Trapet@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Acoustic measurement methods and signal processing, perception of sound in buildings, analysis and prediction of measurement uncertainty.

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