Enabling innovative technologies for climate resilient buildings and infrastructure

- Ottawa, Ontario

Examining the impact of accelerated corrosion due to climate change on the failure mode of bridge elements in the National Research Council's coupled environmental and structural loading laboratory.

The NRC's Construction Research Centre offers a full range of services to help accelerate market acceptance of your organization's innovative building and infrastructure products. We help develop products that are adapted to future Canadian climates and extreme weather events such as floods, heat waves, droughts, extreme winds, and wildfires. We provide impartial demonstration of their performance and durability, help remove technical barriers, and facilitate their early adoption by asset owners.

Discover some of our experts and connect with us to develop a customized plan to de-risk your products and increase their market access.

Noureddine Bénichou, PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fire resistance, fire safety and risk assessment of buildings and infrastructure, risk assessments and impact of wildfires on urban areas.
Naveed Khaliq, PhD in Engineering Hydrology
Modeling and analysis of hydrologic processes, hydrotechnical engineering, environmental/climate change and its impact on water cycle components, hydro-climatology.
Yehuda Kleiner, PhD in Civil Engineering

Optimization of water distribution and sewer systems rehabilitation and renewal, condition assessment and service life prediction of water and wastewater systems, Arctic water and wastewater infrastructure.
Michael A. Lacasse, PhD in Building Engineering
Climate resilience and durability performance assessments and testing to evaluate hygrothermal response for building materials, components and building envelope assemblies.
Jieying Zhang, PhD in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials
Environmental life cycle assessment, corrosion and service life prediction, and condition assessment of buildings and public infrastructure.

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