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The National Research Council's High Performance Building program offers a full range of services to help your company or organization accelerate market acceptance of innovative energy saving technologies. We provide impartial demonstration of technology performance, remove technical barriers, and help find early adopters for pilots in real buildings.

Contact one of our experts to discuss a customized plan that meets your technology development and performance assessment needs.

Iain MacDonald, PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Whole building performance simulation including ventilation, lighting, air quality and building energy use.
Jennifer A. Veitch, PhD in Environmental Psychology
Jennifer.Veitch@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Hygrothermal performance, wind resistance and durability of roofing assemblies, including single-ply, photovoltaic and vegetated components.
Guy Newsham, PhD in Building Science
Guy.Newsham@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Building energy efficiency, occupant comfort and well-being, effects of buildings on organizational productivity, office lighting, and demand responsive buildings.
Michael A. Lacasse, PhD in Building Engineering
Michael.Lacasse@nrc-cnrc.gc.caLinkedIn profile
Hygrothermal performance testing and evaluation of building materials, components and building envelope assemblies.

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