CODES-GUIDES online library - Questions

Can I print the entire code?

Printing may be limited or disabled depending on the subscription type. See the Features page for details.

To buy a printed copy of the document, please see the NRC virtual store.

How can I copy extracts of the code?

The publications in the CODES-GUIDES Online Library are copyrighted by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and protected by Canadian Copyright Law and international treaty provisions. Your right to reproduce portions of the documents is limited by the license agreement: please read it carefully before copying extracts. Such extracts may only be incorporated into a single new document and must not be altered in any way that could affect their meaning. The source of an extract must be acknowledged.

Please note that selecting content is limited for some older scanned publications in Historical Codes Collection. Use your operating system tools (such as Snipping Tool) to select content from pre-1995 Code documents.

You can copy document extracts (text, tables, figures and intent statements) into any word processing or clipboard software using the Adobe Reader/Acrobat or Operating System built-in functionality:

  • Text only: highlight the extract with the cursor and press the "Ctrl" and "c" keys simultaneously, or select "Edit" then "Copy" from the menu bar. This method does not preserve exact formatting of the content.
  • Text, tables, figures, equations, etc.: scroll to the page/content that needs to be copied and use your OS screen capture tool, such as Snipping Tool (Windows 7 and Vista) or Alt + PrintScrn key (Windows XP). This method copies content as an image and preserves full formatting as it appears in the document.
Where are the User Manuals?

To view the correct manual, click on the link that matches your subscription type: