Public reviews on proposed changes to Codes Canada publications

The public review process provides an opportunity for the public to take a detailed look at the proposed changes and to comment on each one as to whether it should be approved, altered, or rejected.

Once proposed changes to Codes Canada publications are recommended by the appropriate Standing Committee(s), the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes invites Code users and stakeholders to participate in the review of those changes during yearly public reviews held in the fall. As the provinces and territories sometimes hold their own public reviews on proposed changes to provincial or territorial codes, please check with your provincial or territorial ministry responsible for construction codes.

When necessary, public reviews may also be held at other times of the year. All public reviews are broadly announced in Construction Innovation, the Construction Research Centre's newsletter, and through e-mail notification. The proposed changes are posted on-line for a two-month period.

View archived public reviews:

To request archived proposed changes, please contact Codes Canada.