Proposed Changes by Code Provision—National Energy Code for Buildings 2017

From: National Research Council Canada

National Energy Code for Buildings 2017 (Proposed changes to 30 provisions)

Division A

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions)

Part 1 - Compliance

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions) Application of this Code Application of Parts 1 to 8 Non-defined Terms

Division B

(Proposed changes to 27 provisions)

Part 1 - General

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions) Prescriptive, Trade-off or Performance Compliance Applicable Editions

Part 3 - Building Envelope

(Proposed changes to 5 provisions) Allowable Fenestration and Door Area Thermal Characteristics of Above-ground Opaque Building Assemblies Thermal Characteristics of Fenestration Thermal Characteristics of Doors and Access Hatches
3.2.4. Air Leakage

Part 4 - Lighting

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions) Calculation of Interior Lighting Power Allowance Using the Building Area Method Calculation of Interior Lighting Power Allowance Using the Space-by-Space Method Exterior Lighting

Part 5 - Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning Systems

(Proposed changes to 6 provisions) Compliance Duct and Plenum Insulation Piping Insulation Control of Space Temperature by Reheating or Recooling
5.2.12. Equipment Efficiency
5.3. Trade-off Path

Part 6 - Service Water Systems

(Proposed changes to 4 provisions) Compliance
6.2.2. Water Heating Equipment and Storage Vessels Insulation
6.3. Trade-off Path

Part 8 - Building Energy Performance Compliance Path

(Proposed changes to 5 provisions) Scope Air Leakage Building Envelope Components Building Envelope Components Supply Air Systems

Part 9 -

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)
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