Proposed Changes by Code Provision—National Building Code 2015

From: National Research Council Canada

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National Building Code 2015 (Proposed changes to 127 provisions)

Division B

(Proposed changes to 127 provisions)

Part 1 - General

(Proposed changes to 2 provisions)
1.1.3. Climatic and Seismic Data Applicable Editions

Part 2 -

(Proposed changes to 4 provisions)

Part 3 - Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility

(Proposed changes to 67 provisions) Continuity of Fire Separations Determination of Ratings and Classifications
3.1.9. Penetrations in Fire Separations and Fire-Rated Assemblies Fire Stops Penetration by Wires, Cables and Outlet Boxes Penetration by Outlet Boxes Combustible Piping Penetrations Fire Block Materials Minimum Lighting Requirements Emergency Lighting
3.3.1. All Floor Areas Headroom Clearance Corridors Doors and Door Hardware
3.4.5. Exit Signs Ramp Slope Horizontal Exits Doors Door Release Hardware Emergency Crossover Access to Floor Areas Floor Numbering Water Closets
3.8. Accessibility
3.8.2. Application Entrances Areas Requiring a Barrier-Free Path of Travel Access to Storeys Served by Escalators and Moving Walks Access to Parking Areas and Exterior Passenger-Loading Zones Controls Power Door Operators Plumbing Facilities Assistive Listening Devices Signs and Indicators
3.8.3. Design Barrier-Free Path of Travel Exterior Walks Ramps Doorways and Doors Passenger-Elevating Devices Controls Accessibility Signs Drinking Fountains Water-Closet Stalls Universal Washrooms Urinals Lavatories and Mirrors Showers Bathtubs Assistive Listening Devices Counters Shelves or Counters for Telephones Spaces in Seating Area

Part 4 - Structural Design

(Proposed changes to 6 provisions)
4.1.8. Earthquake Load and Effects Analysis Notation Site Properties Equivalent Static Force Procedure for Structures Satisfying the Conditions of Article

Part 9 - Housing and Small Buildings

(Proposed changes to 47 provisions) General
9.4.2. Specified Loads
9.8.4. Step Dimensions Required Landings Required Handrails Required Guards Loads on Guards Openings in Guards Treads
9.10.5. Permitted Openings in Wall and Ceiling Membranes
9.10.9. Fire Separations and Smoke-tight Barriers between Rooms and Spaces within Buildings Combustible Drain, Waste and Vent Piping Fire Dampers Penetration of Fire Blocks Basic Footing Widths and Areas
9.20.1. Application Ties for Masonry Veneer Corrosion Resistance of Connectors Limitations
9.23.2. General
9.23.3. Fasteners Standards for Nails and Screws Nailing of Framing Fasteners for Sheathing or Subflooring Anchorage of Building Frames Joints in Top Plates
9.23.13. Bracing to Resist Lateral Loads Due to Wind and Earthquake Roof Trusses Required Roof Sheathing Lumber Roof Sheathing Equipment and Installation Structural Movement Piping Materials and Installation
9.36. Energy Efficiency Compliance and Application Equipment Efficiency Equipment Efficiency Definitions Compliance Calculation Methods Service Water Heating System Calculations Modeling Service Water Heating System of Proposed House

Appendix C

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)
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