Guidelines for comments

For the latest information about code changes and provisions in the National Model Codes or details about the National Model Codes development system, please visit the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes website.

  1. Comments must directly relate to a proposed change listed in this public review and should address the issue identified in the "Problem" field. A comment that refers to other provisions in the Code for which no change is proposed, or to other parts of a provision for which no change is proposed, will not be considered by the committees at this time. The comment will be returned to the commenter with the suggestion that it be resubmitted as a Code Change Request for future consideration by the committees of the CCBFC.
  2. Comments that do not support a proposed change must be accompanied by explanations. This helps ensure that the committee can fully interpret the feedback received.
  3. Comments submitted should be supported by technical information. While all feedback is considered, we strongly encourage you to provide comments that are supported by a technical rationale.
  4. Please note that comments on a proposed change are considered based on the feedback that is submitted, rather than on the number of comments received.
  5. Comments that point out considerations the committees may have overlooked, or impacts the standing committees may not have foreseen, are encouraged. This is especially true of comments accompanied by data, statistics or research results that support the points the commenter is trying to make.
  6. Potential economic impact was considered in the development of the proposed changes. However, a detailed cost/benefit analysis may not have been conducted. In reviewing them, you are encouraged to consider the economic implications as well as the technical aspects.
  7. You are encouraged to submit reports or other documents in support of your comments. (In the case of lengthy reports, the commenter may be requested to supply additional copies.) All submitted documents will be in the public domain: proprietary information cannot be kept confidential.
  8. Comments in support of a proposed change are welcome.
  9. For details on how to submit comments on the form provided, see the instructions.