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Code change request

Code change
Code reference of the requested change: Article, Sentence, etc. (e.g.


What is the subject of the code change or the existing code provision title?


Why should the existing provision be revised, or if requesting an addition to the Code, what is missing?

Requested change / addition

What wording do you propose for the change?
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If requesting an addition or revision to the Code, which of the Code's objectives does the requested change address? See Part 2 of Division A of the 2020 NBC, NFC, NPC, and NECB for the list of objectives of each code.
Which of the Code's objectives does the requested change address?

Impact analysis

Will the change entail any added costs? Will it provide benefits that are measurable?

Enforcement implications

Can the requested change be enforced by the infrastructure available to enforce this Code? Will its enforcement require an increase in resources?

Other comments

For example, identify other Code requirements affected by the requested change.

Supporting documentation

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