National Fire Code – 2023 Alberta Edition

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Cover of the National Fire Code – 2023 Alberta Edition with a background image of a fire hose

The National Fire Code – 2023 Alberta Edition (NFC(AE)) is based on the National Fire Code of Canada 2020. It establishes fire protection requirements for the safe use and maintenance of buildings, including references to design and construction requirements in the National Building Code – 2023 Alberta Edition. It also applies to the conduct of activities that might cause fire hazards in and around buildings, fire safety at construction sites, the establishment of fire safety plans, and the design, construction and use of storage tanks for flammable and combustible liquids. The 2023 edition of the NFC(AE) is more harmonized with the national code provisions than the previous edition to support a reduction of barriers to trade, investment and labour.

  • Highlights of updates to this edition
    • Fire safety plan requirements are consolidated to facilitate compliance and enforcement.
    • Classifications are established for 5 widely used water-miscible liquid mixtures to ensure that appropriate fire safety measures are applied in their storage, handling, use and processing.
    • Measures are included to address fire safety during the construction of encapsulated mass timber buildings.
    • New requirements for the storage of medical oxygen in residential buildings and health care facilities are added to Division C.
    • Prohibited items, such as sky lanterns and barred or locked exit doors, are clarified.
    • Expanded qualification requirements are added to Division C, and language from STANDATA 19-FCI-008 is included in an explanatory note.
    • Several Alberta-specific variations are moved to Division A or C from Division B, including the following:
      • Requirements for hose for firefighting are now located in Division C.
      • Fire department building access (key box) requirements are now located in Division C.
      • Part 4 exclusions are now located in Division A, and their wording is expanded to improve clarity.

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