NMS overview

Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS) report cover

The Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS) is a comprehensive framework for writing descriptions of project requirements, which are known as "specifications." The NMS contains model design and construction specifications for buildings and infrastructure and includes input from many Canadian experts on specifications, contract documents, and construction technology. It contains over 100 design master specifications, and 750 construction master specifications available in both English and French. Each section is designed to be edited from the original master, by the user, to produce a project-specific document.

The NMS is intended for use by the federal government, other public organizations and private sector companies in the preparation of construction or renovation contract documents. Currently, the Government of Canada is using it as a tool to advance the goals of its Policy on Green Procurement, using measurable performance targets and prescriptive procedures.

How to access the NMS

The NMS is available for free on the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) National Master Specification access webpage. Users are required to have a registered account or must create a new account to access the documents through our website. The NMS and software tools are also available for purchase from private sector organizations through the NMS Publishers webpage.

An authoritative tool

The NRC welcomes feedback from both government and industry specialists to ensure that the NMS content reflects current practices and the latest construction technology. Over 2,000 consensus standards from various writing organizations are referenced in the NMS.

A versatile resource

The NMS can be edited and adapted for different sizes and types of construction projects, for use in government or by the private sector.

Canadian National Master Construction Specification
ISSN 2561-8946