NMS overview

Canadian National Master Construction Specification (NMS) report cover

The National Master Specification (NMS) is the most comprehensive master specification in Canada serving as an easy-to-use framework for writing construction project specifications. The NMS is a reference document containing approximately 784 master specifications in both English and French. Each section is designed to be edited from the original master to produce a project-specific document. It is intended for use by the federal government, other public organizations and the private sector in the preparation of construction and renovation contract documents.

The content reflects the expertise of many of Canada's foremost authorities on specifications, contract documents, and construction technology. A complete set of specifications in both official languages can be purchased in print or electronic format from one of our publishers.

Individual specialty packages are also available for specifications related to: Architecture, Air Transportation, Building Services, Electrical, Heavy Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical, Restoration-Conservation, and Structural Engineering.


The NMS is sold by private sector organizations on behalf of the NRC. Visit the NMS Publishers page.

An authoritative tool

The NMS sections are regularly reviewed by both government and industry specialists to ensure their content reflects current practices and the latest construction technology. Over 2000 consensus standards from various writing organizations are used throughout the NMS.

A versatile resource

The NMS maximizes protection against duplication and errors, while minimizing chances of risk, misunderstanding and liability. It can be edited and adapted for any size and type of construction project, for use in government or by the private sector.

Canadian National Master Construction Specification
ISSN 2561-8946