How the CCMC gets your product to market

So you have a product you want to introduce to the Canadian market?

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre can help.

Whether you are an inventor, a manufacturer, or a distributor, your challenge is the same: ensuring your product is compliant with the national model codes.

The first step is understanding what the requirements will be for your product.

Understanding code compliance

The code requirements for your product will depend on many factors, such as:

  • the product
  • the intended function
  • the location in the building
  • the occupancy type
  • the safety risk

It is important that you understand these factors to be able to determine the code requirements for your product.

With the above information, the CCMC can help you understand the next steps. According to the National Building Code of Canada (NBC), a product meets the code requirements in 1 of 2 code compliance pathways, either:

  • as an acceptable solution (where your product meets the prescribed set of technical requirements in the code, like a material specification or test method) or
  • as an alternative solution (where the code does not directly address your product, and compliance must be based on demonstrating an equivalent level of performance compared to an acceptable solution)

The CCMC's expertise and over 30 years of experience can help you determine which code compliance pathway above will be required to assess your product's code compliance.

Demonstrating code compliance

Once you've determined what code compliance pathway is required for your product, you need to demonstrate that your product meets the relevant requirements. The CCMC can help you determine what those requirements are, based on our experience and knowledge of Canadian provincial and territorial requirements.

It is important to note that specific technical requirements can differ from one jurisdiction to another in Canada. Construction approvals in Canada are project-based, and subject to approval by local authorities having jurisdiction. The CCMC's 30-plus year history of providing code compliance assessments helps us ensure we provide you with requirements that maximize the compliance of your product across the country.

Once the CCMC provides you with the technical requirements, it is up to you to contract the necessary laboratory and/or engineering work to provide evidence that your product meets the requirements specified by the CCMC. When completed, the CCMC will publish a certificate of code compliance which confirms that your product meets the code.